Brutal LEGION is an Artists Collective. We are working to bring together like minded Artists of quality. Creating a productive space to share our wisdom, encourage self awareness, build upon artistic pratices and fercilitate the sale of our artists NFT's.

We welcome artists of all digital mediumns and physical mediumn converted into digital form.

All artists are asked to uphold our 10 collective qualities

  1. Indivituality over conformity
    • Be yourself
    • Stand out
  2. Transend your own reality
    • Think outside your square
    • Say something.
  3. Never settle for good enough
    • Push your creative quality
    • Brake down your walls
  4. See life though penumbra eyes
    • See the shadow and light
    • Develop grey vision
  5. Don't ignore the past
    • Stand on the sholders of giants
    • Borrow and make it your own
  6. Live what your love
    • Make every day count
    • March to the beat of your own drum
  7. The whole world is inspiration
    • Take a holistic approach
    • Research, Respond, Repeat
  8. Go towards what is true
    • Even ugly truth is beautiful
    • Tell your truth
  9. The act of creation is divine
    • Devote time daily
    • Find what what really matters to you
  10. Support your Brutal LEGION family
    • We grow together
    • For we are many