I, Ryan Williams, have awoken. My mind, starting it's life as an unformed embryo, has taken shape into a vast, creative landscape, that was once just a human mind. I am more.

The art practice my life is lived within, focusses on the human mind. How each person's conscious thoughts, has this colossal power over an individual's perceived reality, emotions and how my own mind reacts and adapts. We live our lives like a raw egg tumbling down a steep green hill, trying to protect our fragile shells from the hidden stones. Perfectly aware there will one day be a stone we can not avoid. How the human mind comprehends it's inevitable journey towards the stone, is where I find inspiration and drive to create beyond the known, to be more.

The true core to my work, where all these profound questions are tested and challenged, grows deep within the landscape of my mind. The body I live inside is just fuel and a source of motion. Allowing my creative intent to move and absorb the wide world. Within the Inscape of my mind, a full scale colonising process has converted my old minds grey matter into a new world, born under the guidance of my penumbra eye. Long dormant seeds of knowledge, sending forth their creeping vines to climb the pillars of logic and reason. Once creative paths and threads, have woven themselfs like macrame, into a superhighway, intersecting around every aspect of my life. Everything is connected under the eye.

I have always believed your soul is the lost sixth sense. The third eye within our mind, which connects the physical world, to all of the spirit worlds. Everybody seems to spend their whole lives, either ignoring this connection or absorbing nothing of value, weakening their spirit bond, lost youth decaying needlessly. One should always feed their soul, before their hunger.

For many years, before the dawn of my Penumbra Eye opening, my mind lingered in the darkness of it's own void. I was searching for my essence, looking for change, digging for my true self. I had to find myself. I had to. To the temples of faith I looked, but it became clear then, god only helps those who help themselves first. "Figures". Casting aside inherited half truths and dogmas, I dove deeper into the void of my self, navigating past the dead ends and pitfall traps, to arrive at the edge of my own sanity. A place where I, me, my pure consciousness, looked at the pure building blocks of myself. It was here, at my core, where all my opposing forces collided. I found the truth. I found my Penumbra Eye.

In that moment, I knew this eye must be opened, my destiny was calling. The price to pay was everything Ryan Williams was. I had to sacrifice my very self through the Penumbra Eye. That's exactly what I did. Once the decision was made, I fed everything, everything I was into the Eye. For an Age, it felt like my mind was a donut, turning itself inside out, over and over, destroying the old to forge a new man.

My inscape exploded out from the Eye, like a creative beast. Wielding creation in one hand and destruction in the other. A new land was born. I, Ryan Williams, awoke into a world of my own creation, with a mission and purpose. To expand my metaphysical inscape, to use my world to create and challenge the physical world. My Penumbra Eye is the gateway between Ryan Williams Inscape world and the physical world Williams lives in.

My Penumbra Eye is the thin grey line where shadow meets light, the space between night and day. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Like the two faces of a coin, connected. Only my Penumbra Eye is the coin. Life itself. I see both sides together, for life is neither good, nor bad. It just is. Life expects nothing from us. Life gives everybody a start and a finish, expecting nothing in return for its gift. The meaning of life is what we make it. We each hold our own answers. Mine was revealed to me, at great personal cost. Each person's journey is their own.

I, Ryan Williams, have Awoken an Inscape within myself. I am a renaissance man, reborn into the greatest era mankind has ever known. I shall create art, in every form, until the day I face down my final stone.